Brexit creates both challenges and opportunities for all industries and sectors. Matheson’s history of being the Irish law firm with an international focus and client base means that we are ideally positioned to help clients understand and address those challenges and avail of those opportunities. Please visit this page for up to date information, insights and guides for navigating your business through this uncertain period.

Joe Beashel, Partner, Financial Institutions Regulation, looks at the next 12-18 months post Brexit

Brexit: Passport from Ireland

Joe Beashel & Darren Maher


It goes without saying that Brexit presents financial services firms with particular challenges.  Transitional arrangements may ease the pain but will not solve the underlying problem which is the need to secure continued access to the EU/EEA single market.  Equivalence arrangements may offer a viable solution for some sectors but they are vulnerable to political whim during their establishment and their maintenance.

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Joe Beashel

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