And so it begins. The long awaited negotiations between the EU and the UK concerning the latter’s exit from the bloc finally began this week in Brussels.

In order to help you to monitor the negotiations which, hopefully, will begin to tackle the uncertainties of doing business in an EU market and customs union which no longer includes the UK, Matheson is delighted to announce a further collaboration with the Financial Times. Building on the success of our existing collaboration with the FT in relation to their daily Brexit Briefing, we are delighted to announce a new collaboration designed to help our clients keep track of the key issues for their business arising from the Brexit negotiations.

In particular, we will be bringing you key emerging reports, commentary and perspectives from the Financial Times specially curated by the Matheson Brexit Advisory Group for internationally focused companies and financial institutions doing business from Ireland.

To kick off our series of curated articles we are pleased to re-publish two articles published this week in the Financial Times. The first focuses on the key personalities who will be engaged in the Brexit negotiations. The second outlines the key dates of the Brexit negotiation timeline.

We hope you find this initiative helpful.

Liam Quirke
Partnership Chairman