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Matheson is committed to being an environmentally responsible service provider and employer.  Our objective is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. Some of our initiatives include:

Energy efficiency

In commissioning our new Dublin headquarters, which opened in 2007, a major design focus was the optimisation of energy efficiencies. Smart building management systems control lighting, air-conditioning and power consumption. Sensors switch off facilities in unoccupied areas. These features, combined with proactive management of our energy consumption, have seen our Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions reduce by over 60% in the last number of years.

This has been achieved by initiatives including:

  • staff energy awareness campaigns;
  • maximally utilising our building management systems;
  • briefing staff to switch off equipment when not in use; and
  • reducing lighting levels, heating and air conditioning systems on weekends, bank holidays and non-core hours.

Waste management

We currently recycle over 95% of our paper waste.  Our monthly waste provider reports record that we have increased our recycling to over 95% of all recyclable material.  

Carbon emission reduction

The firm participates in the government’s travel to work scheme which encourages the use of public transport.  Matheson also participates in the cycle to work scheme and provides staff with free, secure bike parking, showers and dry rooms.

A notable percentage of Matheson’s work is national and international in its nature.  To reduce the need for travel, we make widespread use of online boardrooms, video-conferencing and teleconferencing to ensure we can provide advice and make information available and accessible to our clients at all times.

Interaction with suppliers

We aim to purchase from companies that are ISO-accredited and can clearly demonstrate that they:

  • have a good health and safety record;
  • meet necessary environmental accreditations; and
  • have sound CSR policies and practices.