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Horizon Tracker Autumn 2022

Matheson's Horizon Tracker examines the key legal and regulatory developments at an Irish and European level that will affect businesses operating within Ireland and from Ireland.

Welcome to the Autumn 2022 edition of the Matheson Horizon Tracker

The Matheson Horizon Tracker follows the publication of the Autumn Legislative Programme by the Irish Government.

In this edition we continue to focus on topical themes. We are aware that as the year closes, geopolitical events are shaping the everyday concerns of our domestic and international clients. In that context concerns over energy shortages lead to a continued focus on particular aspects of our practice areas operating in the ESG space. Consequently this Autumn the focus is on clean energy, alternative fuels, and legislative frameworks shaping how our clients operate in these sectors. In addition we hosted a fascinating event on ESG Financing.

The introduction of the Central Bank (IAF) Bill 2022 is an important milestone. In early Autumn we hosted online and in person events on this legislation which were extremely well attended.

The EU continues to drive legislative change including developments in corporate sustainability reporting, a topic which relates back to ESG. We continue to monitor developments in Employment law. As usual, we also have sections from our Data Protection and Litigation practice areas. In the latter review some of the matters which are changing relate to the administration of justice overall and will be of general interest to all our clients. The Autumn Tracker also takes account of changes in the Tax area and, in particular, covers issues arising from the Finance Bill published in October.

The Horizon Tracker provides  a comprehensive consideration of legislative and regulatory developments over the year. It is accompanied by commentary and analysis available on our website and complements events we have held over the same period, recordings of which are available on our Client Hub.

We encourage you to contact us or your usual Matheson advisor with any questions.

Explore the Legal and Regulatory Horizon

Matheson's expert teams have produced summaries of the legal and regulatory developments at a domestic and European level that will affect Irish businesses. Explore these key themes and trends by browsing the links below.  

Climate Sustainability
Climate, Energy and Natural Resources

The latest initiatives in the areas of energy and environmental protection law and regulation.


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Investing In Ireland
Corporate Law: Enforcement and Reporting

The closing months of 2022 will see many companies gear up for sustainability reporting. Early engagement by companies is advised. 


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Developments in Tax

It is clear that the next few years will be a transformative period in the international tax landscape.


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The Autumn Legislative Programme includes a number of pieces of priority legislation that will affect employees and employers.


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Asset Management
Asset Management and Investment Funds

The closing months of 2022 will be busy for fund managers, with a number of looming key deadlines.


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Financial Services
Finance and Capital Markets

While 2022 started off with high expectations, the uncertainty caused by Russia's invasion of the Ukraine has cast a long shadow.


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Financial Regulatory
Financial Services - Regulation

The latest developments in Financial Regulation speak to the identified need for better protection for consumers in financial services.


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The civil justice system in Ireland is in the process of undergoing some of the most radical reforms seen in the history of the State.


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Data Protection Privacy
Data Protection and Privacy

In the final quarter of 2022, it's timely to consider the hottest developments in the data protection space, and the compliance challenges companies are facing. 


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