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Horizon Tracker Spring 2023

Matheson's Horizon Tracker examines the key legal and regulatory developments at an Irish and European level that will affect businesses operating within Ireland and from Ireland.

Welcome to the Spring 2023 Edition of the Matheson Horizon Tracker

As usual the Matheson Horizon Tracker describes key Irish and EU legislative and regulatory developments. This Spring we have taken a slightly different approach to the timing of the Tracker and have decided to monitor progress of the legislative programme through the Oireachtas session, rather than looking ahead at the beginning of the term.

The current session is now nearing its closure for Easter recess on 30 March 2023. We have chosen 13 March 2023 as our 'as of ' date.  Similarly we have tracked progress of key developments from Europe over the period since our last Tracker.

The European influence on legislative developments is particularly evident in this Tracker, ranging from initiatives in the Employment sphere which anticipate or implement EU instruments, to significant initiatives in the Financial Services sector underpinning sustainable finance and further progress under the Capital Markets Union plan. There are specific energy initiatives regarding fuel use and pricing, and finally, significant initiatives across many areas relating to Consumer Protection, not least the introduction of a consumer class action framework implementing EU law.

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In light of this latter initiative, and following the passing of the Consumer Rights Act in 2022, we have collated relevant legislation from a number of our practice areas under a Consumer Protection category for ease of reference. We hope that consumer facing clients will find this guide useful.  

To provide a relative point of departure, we refer back to the 2022 Horizon Trackers, where initiatives have been in the pipeline over the year (and in some cases beyond that). In our view this provides additional context. This edition is a web based production with links to commentary and analysis of key developments from each practice or subject area with links to further reading for expert Matheson analysis. From there please follow links to the reference guide for all relevant legislative and regulatory instruments in that subject. 

In tandem with our publication of the Horizon Tracker we have also updated and improved access to our external webinar platform, the Matheson Knowledge Hub. Our practice areas, our Professional Support Lawyers Faculty, and our Knowledge Team, collaborate to offer you a range of recorded webinars which are relevant to current developments described in the Tracker. Following a simple registration process you can access webinars such as Employment Law: The Year Ahead;  Financing Outlook for 2023; a webinar on the Impact of Developments in Legal Tech on the Practice of Law and many others. We look forward to a Brexit Revisited event  broadcast from our London office on 30 March. In April and May, amongst other offerings, we will host events and webinars on Corporate Sustainability, Debt Restructuring and Turnarounds, and Consumer Class Actions.  If you wish to register for our Matheson Knowledge Hub you can contact us at KnowledgeHub@matheson.com.

If you have any further questions, or require detailed advice please get in touch with your usual Matheson contact.

Explore the Legal and Regulatory Horizon

Matheson's expert teams have produced summaries of the legal and regulatory developments at a domestic and European level that will affect Irish businesses. Explore these key themes and trends by browsing the links below.  

Financial Regulatory
Financial Services - Regulation

Setting the tone for the year ahead are the Central Bank of Ireland's key regulatory and supervisory priorities. We explore these in more detail. 


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Asset Management
Asset Management and Investment Funds

Sustainable finance will continue to be the dominant theme for 2023, with a number of key developments expected during the coming months.


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Financial Services
Finance and Capital Markets

Policy imperatives include ongoing concerns with sustainable finance with developments around the Green Bond standard and advancement of the Capital Markets Union. 


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Climate Sustainability
Climate, Energy and Natural Resources

The latest initiatives in the areas of climate change, water policy and efforts to reverse forest loss.


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Investing In Ireland

A busy legislative slate lies ahead, largely driven by the need to transpose significant EU directives into Irish law.



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Developments in Tax

In our update, we discuss the latest developments and trends in international tax arrangements and tax disputes. 


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real estate
Commercial Real Estate

In our update, we discuss the latest developments and trends in international tax arrangements and tax disputes. 


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Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

This year will see the progression of civil justice reform at an unprecedented level.


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Although the last number of years will be remembered as a time that forever changed the employment law landscape, 2023 is shaping up to see almost as many important and significant developments.


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Data Protection Privacy
Data Protection and Privacy

We look at the most noteworthy developments of which organisations should be aware.


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consumer protection
Consumer Protection

In this section, we have collated legislative and regulatory developments relevant to consumer protection.


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