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Matheson has invested in combining people, processes and technology to provide customised digital services and solutions for clients operating across a range of industries and sectors.

The establishment of the Matheson Digital Services Group has been driven by significant advances in LegalTech - and in response to the evolving needs of the firm’s clients in areas of large-volume legal work; enhanced legal process efficiency; and demand for bespoke new digital products in the delivery of legal solutions. From project-managing complex, cross-border due diligence processes using machine learning contract analysis software; to managing one of the largest eDiscovery projects in the history of the State; to developing regulatory compliance software, the Matheson Digital Services Group leverages advanced digital technology and agile processes to deliver on complex, large scale legal solutions.

Matheson has developed a platform of digital experts consisting of 17 professionals - combining lawyers, AI software developers, legal solutions consultants and architects, project managers, document automation specialists and business analysts. The group operates across three divisions: Client Solutions, Legal Process Optimisation and Digital Innovation.

Client Solutions

‚ÄčThe Client Solutions team supports the delivery of our legal services with a range of digital solutions. These include utilising AI and cloud based technologies to provide advanced matter management, data management and deal management services.

Legal Process Optimisation

The Legal Process Optimisation team specialises in leveraging advanced automation technologies to develop bespoke applications that optimise and streamline legal workflow processes to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Digital Innovation

The Digital Innovation team co-creates, prototypes and tests current and emerging technologies to develop new products and services for our clients which are at the intersection of law, technology and design. We strongly believe in the principles of design thinking and service design and we leverage these methodologies to co-create innovative legal technology solutions with our clients.

For further information on our digital services offering, contact the Head of the Matheson Digital Services Group, Tom Connor or email

Experience Highlights

Client Success Story #1

A client approached us with a requirement to develop a bespoke online collaboration solution to cost effectively manage a large volume of commercial litigation. The solution also needed to act as a centralised repository through which Matheson and the client could collaborate closely with internal and external teams in real time on data, information and files with multiple stakeholders on each case.

Our legal advisory and digital consultancy teams worked collaboratively with our client to develop a secure digital workspace. In order for us to build a comprehensive solution, we needed to fully understand in detail the client’s requirements. The legal and digital teams engaged early in the design thinking process to create a viable solution using our legal technology infrastructure. 

By leveraging our design thinking methodology, which put our client at the centre of the design process, our digital and legal teams were able to deliver an enterprise grade business solution that supported our legal advisory services and solved a significant pain point for our client.

Client Success Story #2

The Digital Services Group worked closely with our Corporate Department following their client’s acquisition of a large commercial real estate portfolio. The client had to manage a large volume of documents and contracts during the post-acquisition phase. Our legal solutions consultants developed an interactive online database to help manage the freehold and leasehold properties.

Client Success Story #3

As part of an international cross-border merger transfer, the Digital Services Group supported the Corporate Department to conduct a due diligence exercise on depositary and custodian agreements. The Digital Services Group deployed cutting-edge machine learning analysis software to automatically identify and extract relevant contract clauses providing significant cost saving to the client.