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As a leading gateway to the EU internal market, Ireland has become an important trading partner to many Asian companies and financial institutions. In areas including asset finance, investment funds, telecommunications, structured finance, gas, electricity and infrastructural development, against the backdrop of a favourable tax regime, there has been a steady increase in the number of Asian companies including banks, lessors, manufacturers, asset managers and investors doing business in and through Ireland.


Matheson is Ireland’s most internationally-focused law firm. With a primary focus on advising international companies and financial institutions doing business in and through Ireland, our clients include 27 of the world’s 50 largest banks, including many Asian banks, and over half of the Fortune 100 companies.

Matheson は、アイルランドで最も国際取引に精通している法律事務所です。アイルランド国内でもしくはアイルランドを通じて事業を展開している海外企業や金融機関への助言提供を専門としていますが、当法律事務所の顧客には、多数のアジア系銀行を含む世界 50大銀行うちの27行、および、フォーチュン 100 企業の半数以上が名を連ねています。

 Our dedicated Asia Group comprises a team of experienced lawyers with specific expertise in advising Asian companies and financial institutions. A number of the partners and lawyers in our Asia Group worked in the Asian offices of major international law firms before joining Matheson. We have advised on some of the most significant investments made by Asian companies and financial institutions in Ireland. Our offering to Asia-based clients stands out from other Irish law firms due to our specific international focus and our knowledge of Asia. Our Asia Group draws on our market-leading practices in areas including Asset Management and Investment Funds; Aviation Finance and Transportation; Finance and Capital Markets; Energy and Natural Resources; Intellectual Property; International Business; Outsourcing; Project Finance; Structured Finance and Securitisation; Tax; Technology and Commercial Contracts; and Telecommunications.

当事務所の専任アジア・チームは、アジア系の企業や金融機関への助言提供に関して豊富な経験を誇る弁護士により結成されています。アジア・グループに所属するパートナーや弁護士の大多数は、Matheson の入社以前に、大手国際弁護事務所のアジア支店での実務経験を有しています。アジア系の企業や金融機関によるアイルランドへの大口投資のいくつかは、当事務所の助言に従って行われたものです。当事務所は国際取引に特化しアジアを熟知しているため、アジアを拠点とする顧客に対して、他の法律事務所を凌駕するきめの細かい助言を提供することが可能です。アジア・グループでは、資産管理/投資信託、航空財政/アセット・ファイナンス、銀行業、エネルギーと天然資源、知的財産、国際事業、アウトソーシング、プロジェクト・ファイナンス、ストラクチャード・ファイナンス、税務、技術契約/商業契約、電気通信の各分野における市場最先端の実務を有効に生かして、お客様に奉仕しています。


Experience Highlights

Recent relevant experience includes advising:

  • a Chinese leasing entity on the acquisition of a US $1.5 billion portfolio of aircraft
  • a Japanese aviation lessor on the establishment of a new leasing hub in Ireland
  • an Asian company on the acquisition of Ireland’s largest fixed line operator
  • an Asian multinational conglomerate on the establishment and operation of its Irish mobile telecommunications arm
  • a Japanese Fortune 500 company on a major natural gas project in the Persian Gulf
  • a Japanese investment bank on the issuance of $620 million in loan notes
  • on the creation of the first Irish “China” Fund, a mutual fund investing in Chinese A shares
  • a Japanese trading house in relation to investment in the Irish power sector
  • on the registration and marketing of Irish funds on a public and private placement basis in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Macau and Singapore
  • on a landmark shipping dispute case involving a Korean registered vessel
  • a large multinational in terms of structuring its Asian operations through Ireland in a tax-efficient manner
  • a Chinese-based plastic optical fibre developer and LED lighting product supplier, on its acquisition of an Irish-based compound semiconductor company