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Corporate Governance and Directors' Duties in Ireland 2023

AUTHORs: Pat English, Madeline McDonnell co-author(s): Susan Carroll Chrysostomou, Dorothy Hargaden Services: Corporate DATE: 14/03/2023

Corporate Governance and Directors' Duties in Ireland PDF | 0.17 MB

Matheson's Corporate team recently published a  Q&A Guide to corporate governance law in Ireland.

The Q&A gives a high-level overview of corporate governance trends; the main forms of corporate entity used; the corporate governance legal framework; corporate social responsibility and reporting; board composition and restrictions; directors' remuneration; management rules and authority; directors' duties and liabilities; transactions with directors and conflicts; disclosure of information; shareholders' rights, company meetings, and minority shareholder action; and internal controls, accounts and audits.

Reproduced from Practical Law's Cross-border Resource Centre with the permission of the publishers. For further information, visit practicallaw.com.