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Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences Group advises organisations in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology, agri-chem and healthcare sectors on the full range of legal issues that affect them. The Life Sciences Law Group is structured on a cross-departmental basis, drawing specialist members from the firm's corporate, taxation, litigation, intellectual property, competition, commercial, environmental and property groups.

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Life Sciences Update- Outlook for 2019 and Post-Brexit Implications

Life Sciences Update: Outlook for 2019 and Post-Brexit Implications

Matheson partners provide an update on the life sciences sector, across the key areas of corporate M&A, tax, and regulation, incorporating their outlook for 2019 and the post-Brexit implications for businesses operating in this sector.


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The European Medicines Agency ( "EMA") is a decentralised agency of the European Union responsible for the scientific evaluation, supervision and safety monitoring of medicines developed by pharmaceutical companies for use in the EU.  In the wake of Brexit, the EMA will be relocated.  Dublin is one of many EU cities bidding for the relocation.  In the first of a series of articles on the impact of Brexit on the life sciences industry, Michael Finn explains the bidd

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Life Sciences Companies doing Business in and from Ireland Post Brexit_LS_236x236

Doing Business in and from Ireland Post Brexit

In the post-Brexit climate, Ireland’s position as an English speaking gateway to one of the world’s largest markets will be even more significant than in the past. Given Ireland’s proximity to one of the world’s largest markets, it is plausible that life sciences and medtech companies may move or plan to move some or all of their operations or business lines to Ireland in order to retain access to the European market.

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