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Matheson Business Services Maternity Programme

62% of mums returning to work say their stress levels are higher than before they had children. At Matheson, our objective is to produce the best business services staff in Ireland which means supporting them at all stages of their career, including maternity leave. As part of our commitment to this objective and to foster a supportive working environment we have developed the Matheson Business Services Maternity Programme. The Matheson Business Services Maternity Programme is designed to support our business services staff through the different stages of their maternity leave by providing an executive coaching workshop tailored to our firm.

We are dedicated to being a family-friendly employer and are confident that our Maternity Programme, among other benefits including paid paternity leave, will enhance our commitment to be the legal employer of choice in Ireland.

Overview of the Matheson Business Services Maternity Programme

The Matheson Business Services Maternity Programme is an innovative initiative designed to support our colleagues post-maternity leave. The firm recognises that returning to work after maternity leave can be a challenging time for many women. In fact, 63% feel apprehensive about returning to work. The workshop is for mums who are about to return from maternity leave, or who have returned to work within the last 12 months.

Areas covered during the Workshop:

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to network with other working mums and have the chance to discuss common challenges. The workshop will provide you with practical advice and tools that are applicable each day at work and at home. Please see below themes which will be addressed.

  • Getting over guilt -  feel happy and content about the choices you’ve made
  • Setting boundaries – agree clear boundaries about how, when and where you’ll work
  • Challenging Conversations – how to tackle difficult conversations at both work and home
  • Resilience – how to handle the pressure of being a working mum and cope when the going gets tough
  • Individual coaching – personalised coaching to help you to work out solutions to any issues you may be having
What others thought of the programme?

“Mumager helps mums to effectively manage their return to work after maternity leave – keeping bosses, babies and mums happy”.