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Matheson Maternity Coaching Programme

At Matheson, our objective is to produce the best business lawyers in Ireland which means working with our lawyers and supporting them at all stages of their career, including maternity leave. As part of our commitment to this objective and to foster a supportive working evnironment we have developed the Matheson Maternity Coaching Programme. The Matheson Maternity Coaching Programme is designed to support our lawyers through the different stages of their maternity leave by providing a three-stage executive coaching service tailored to our firm.

We are dedicated to being a family-friendly employer and are confident that our Maternity Coaching Programme, among other benefits including paid paternity leave, will enhance our commitment to be the legal employer of choice in Ireland.

What is Maternity Coaching?

Maternity Coaching aims to help with the practical and emotional aspects of the parent transition in a way that also enables planning successful career development.

Maternity Coaching offers a confidential support during a significant life event and as with any transition, effective coaching can make a real difference by:

  • Helping to plan and manage the lead-up to maternity leave by considering all of the key parts of a successful transition.

  • Focusing on planning and good communication practices which help you to hit the ground running upon your return to work.

  • Identifying short, medium and longer term career goals and recognising that returning from maternity leave can introduce a renewed focus on career development.

Overview of the Matheson Maternity Coaching Programme
The Matheson Maternity Coaching Programme is an innovative initiative designed to support our colleagues before, during and post-maternity leave. The Programme takes a dual approach by coaching employees and their managers / supervising partners on an individual basis.

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Margot Carty - Head of Listings

"Having completed the first session it has given me some additional points to think about when meeting with my supervisory partner before leaving for maternity leave and I imagine it will be beneficial when preparing for my return to work."