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Case-law alert

Services: Corporate DATE: 01/02/2021

“Experienced solicitors, must be taken to know what the label means” - So said the English Court of Appeal when it recently emphasised the consequence of holding negotiations “subject to contract”. It reaffirmed the position that once negotiations between the parties are commenced “subject to contract”, this condition applies to those negotiations up until either a formal agreement is reached between the parties, or it is agreed that the condition should be removed. Partner, David Fitzgibbon and Solicitor, Thomas Burke provide some further insights here.

File and Error  - The Irish Court of Appeal delivered its decision in Wee Care Limited v Companies Registration Office in October 2020.  This is the first judgment to look at the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court to order removal of documents from the Register of Companies.  It also provides a useful analysis of Section 366 of the Companies Act 2014 which allows directors to prepare revised financial statements or a revised directors’ report where it appears that either the statements or the report did not comply with applicable requirements/standards. Professional Support Lawyer, Ursula McMahon and Solicitor, Cillian Dervan consider this noteworthy case, read more here.