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Getting The Deal Through Insurance & Reinsurance 2017

AUTHORs: Sharon Daly, April McClements, Darren Maher DATE: 18/08/2017

Sharon Daly, April McClements and Darren Maher co-author the Irish chapter of Getting The Deal Through Reinsurance & Reinsurance 2017.

Getting_the_Deal_through_Insurance_and_Reinsurance_2017 PDF | 1.01 MB

This volume in the series provides comparative local insight into the field of insurance and reinsurance law, outlining the following areas: regulatory framework, insurance claims and coverage, reinsurance disputes and reinsurance principles and practices.

Getting The Deal Through Insurance & Reinsurance 2017 from Matheson Law Firm.  Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Getting the Deal Through: Insurance & Reinsurance 2017, (published in June 2017; contributing editors:  William D Torchiana, Mark F Rosenberg and Marion Leydier, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP).