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Summer Internship Programme

The purpose of our Summer Internship Programme is to give you a real insight into our work, people and culture, so that you can decide if Matheson is right for you.  You will experience what life in a law firm is really like, working alongside our talented legal and tax professionals and trainees on transactions for international companies and financial institutions.

You will spend four weeks working as part of the team in one of our main departments: Corporate, Finance and Capital Markets, Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Commercial Real Estate, Asset Management and Tax.  The work will be challenging and interesting and you will also get to enjoy an active social life.

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Our Summer Internship Programme is closed for applications.


What We Look For
  • High academic and personal achievements.
  • Candidates who fit well with the firm's values and culture.
  • A clear level of understanding of what is required to work in a commercial law firm.
  • Evidence of teamwork and taking responsibility.
  • Evidence of motivation with the right attitude, drive and ambition.
Benefits of working at Matheson
  • Four weeks work experience in a practice area working on innovative projects for internationally focused companies and financial institutions doing business in and from Ireland.
  • Continuous training and education focused on developing drafting, research and presentation skills.
  • Opportunity to network with others in the firm through social events.
  • Feedback and support throughout your internship.
Developing your Expertise


During your internship, you will work with talented lawyers and trainees in our practice areas on real transactions and projects. You will have the same experience and training as our trainees and will be invited to attend and participate in team and client meetings.  

Throughout the four weeks you will take part in a number of different induction sessions to learn more about the firm and skills workshops such as presentation, drafting and research to support you in your day to day work. You will hear from each of our practice areas to gain a deep understanding of the work that is done within the firm, learn about our various structured training programmes and develop some key technological skills through a group project.  In addition you will be part of weekly social and wellness events to ensure that you have time to get to know your fellow interns.

At Matheson, we ensure that you will be fully supported throughout your internship so that you are given every opportunity to reach your full potential and get the most out of your internship.  We will assign you a 'support network' made up of a partner, senior associate and a trainee.  


Training and Development

From the moment you begin your internship with Matheson, we will equip you with the necessary skills you need to succeed and thrive throughout your four weeks with us.  Our dedicated development programme incorporates workshops on legal drafting and research skills delivered by our senior associates as well as vital technology skills delivered by our cutting edge Digital Services Group.
Our development programme also focuses on providing you with other key skills to become a successful commercial lawyer, including how to provide an excellent service to our clients and how to present complex legal issues in a simple and understandable manner. You will also receive personal development training, which focuses on your presentation and teamwork skills.

To ensure you enhance these skills during the four weeks, you will be required to complete a number of assignments as well as participate in a group presentation. At the end of the programme an appraisal meeting will take place to discuss your performance and experience during your internship.

Watson Glaser assessment 

At Matheson, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace and to embedding diversity, inclusion and innovation into everything we do.

To further strengthen our innovative recruiting initiatives for diverse graduate talent, we are pleased to introduce the Watson Glaser critical-thinking online assessment into our recruitment process. The Watson Glaser assessment represents an innovative approach in the objective selection of our future lawyers.

The Watson Glaser assessment has been designed to recognise candidates who have a solution focussed approach and will be able to adapt to the needs of our clients.  The assessment questions will focus on your ability to draw inferences, recognise assumptions, make deductions, interpret information and evaluate arguments.

Click here to complete a sample Watson Glaser assessment.

If you have any questions regarding our application process, please do not hesitate to contact our graduate talent and development team directly at graduate.recruitment@matheson.com.

Meet Philip Tully | Partner | Former Summer Intern 

I have been a practising solicitor for six years and a chartered tax advisor with the AITI for the past five years. I joined the firm initially as a summer intern and experienced first-hand what life would be like as a trainee. My first experience of training with Matheson was during that four-week internship where expert coaches were brought in to give us seminars on interview skills, presentations skills and legal research skills.

I successfully obtained a training contract with the firm and during my time as a trainee I also received further training in legal drafting, finance and business know-how for lawyers and group project work.  These training sessions were in addition to the support provided by Matheson to facilitate my external training with the Law Society of Ireland and the Irish Tax Institute, both financially and in terms of study leave.

I felt the learning curve was very steep in my first few months.  However, thanks to all the training and support offered to me in Matheson as a newly qualified solicitor, it wasn’t long before I started to become more and more confident in my work.  Looking back on the years since I qualified as a solicitor, it seems like each year has brought just as many opportunities to learn and gain experience and equally as many novel tax issues to understand and overcome.

The highlight of my training was developing really close relationships with those training and working around me.  As a result of all the various group training sessions, team projects (…and nights out) the trainees in Matheson build a really close bond.  This close network of friends means that there are always colleagues in the Tax department and elsewhere throughout the firm that I can use as a sounding board to bounce ideas and questions off.

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Campus Key Dates

More campus dates to come in Q1 2024.

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