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Matheson Agile Working Programme

What is Matheson Agile?

Matheson’s agile working programme is designed to complement excellence and responsiveness in client services while at the same time creating opportunities for enhanced work-life blend at the firm. It has been developed to meet the changing needs of the firm’s clients, lawyers and business professionals.  Our agile programme allows eligible employees the opportunity to avail of flexibility and to accommodate individual arrangements around the starting and finishing hours and location of work - managing how they work whilst continuing to deliver at the highest levels for the firm’s international and domestic client base.

Managing Partner, Michael Jackson and Director of HR, Lorraine RochePictured above are Managing Partner, Michael Jackson and Director of HR, Lorraine Roche

“We believe that excellence in client service is measured by reference to the quality and timeliness of advice. As a firm which operates in multi-disciplinary teams from six different offices globally we recognise that not everyone needs to be in the same place, or even in the same time zone, to deliver that level of service. Our lawyers and senior business professionals value agile working arrangements, including the option of not having to travel to the office every day and the ability to work from different secure locations when possible. As a large Irish employer we are pleased to confirm our commitment to facilitating agile working and believe that it will enable us to deliver our people strategy of attracting, developing and retaining the top legal and professional services talent. I would like to thank all of the partners and business professionals who participated in our consultation process and in the design and delivery of our Matheson Agile programme.” – Michael Jackson, Managing Partner

“Recognising that not everybody works in the same way and to the same schedule is fundamental to achieving real workplace diversity - and in driving innovation and entrepreneurship. As part of Matheson’s commitment to empower diverse talent and inclusive teams delivering excellence in legal services at Matheson, the firm’s agile working programme is one of the demonstrable elements in delivering on its D&I commitment. Whilst some roles which require supervision and training will still need to be office-based, I am delighted to see the success of this programme already, with so many colleagues from our legal practice areas to our business services teams availing of it across the firm.”  - Lorraine Roche, HR Director

For further information on Matheson Agile, please contact our HR Director, Lorraine Roche here.

Claire Scannell 265x265

Claire Scannell - Professional Support Lawyer - Corporate

"Matheson’s commitment to agile working gives me the best possible opportunity to be the kind of mum I want to be to my two small kids while still delivering as a professional support lawyer and colleague. I can go to the school play, meet the teacher, collect from training, cover for my husband when he is travelling - this flexibility allows me to be there for moments which a previous generation of lawyer may have had to miss due to inflexible working environments. Working out of the Cork office means semi-regular trips to the Dublin office. Smart, secure and effective technology also allows me to work when travelling, ensuring that I don’t lose large chunks of the working day, and that these trips do not end up eating into huge amounts of my personal time either. From this flexibility on Matheson’s behalf grows a natural reciprocity from me - I will always be happy to go the extra mile whenever it is needed for my job.”

Kieran Trant _Partner_Mat_265x265

Kieran Trant - Partner - Corporate

“With primarily servicing a US client base, as well as having a young family, the ability to work outside of a traditional ‘office hours’ structure is something that I now consider a key part of my professional life. Whether it means working early mornings or joining conference calls in the evening time, an agile working culture is something which has added significantly to my ability to deliver on expectations on all fronts, in particular for clients who often need out of hours support and input on urgent, time sensitive matters. Spending time physically with colleagues in the office is still critical in terms of the team dynamic needed to deliver for clients on a daily basis. Offering that flexibility to balance professional demands with personal commitments and objectives is, to my mind, essential for any professional services firm in today's world.”


Nicola White - Director - Learning and Development

“Life has changed a lot for me both personally and professionally over the past two years. I became a first time mum and moved with my husband and daughter to Laois to be closer to family. At the same time, in my role as Director of Learning and Development, my team has grown and we have had one of our busiest and most successful years to date. With all these changes, I needed flexibility and balance. Working remotely from home has been brilliant in this regard. My commute is reduced by one day a week. I can collect my daughter early from crèche and then log in later in the evening if I need to. It allows me to work smarter and more efficiently while staying fully connected and engaged with my team.”

Mark O Sullivan Partner Matheson

Mark O'Sullivan - Partner - Tax

“Having the flexibility to work remotely is absolutely necessary in my role. I travel extensively and I need to be able to replicate my office environment from a hotel room or business centre while I’m on the move. Having the right infrastructure and technical support to facilitate remote working has been essential for me. As there is an eight hour time difference back to Matheson’s head office in Dublin, I also take a lot of early morning calls with colleagues from my home office and log into the system to clear my emails before I get into the office. I have two young children and having the ability to drop them off at school before getting to the office and being able to get home and spend time with them in the evening before logging back on to finish off the day’s work has been really helpful in terms of finding the right work / life balance for me."